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United States of America

We are a constantly growing legal firm, in search of excellence, creating synergies that benefit all our clients. We seek success through the close relationship of trust that our clients place in our lawyers, based on extreme confidentiality and high professionalism.


As members and representatives of the prestigious LEGIC Regional Alliance, which is made up of five of the main law firms in Central America, we have the ethical and professional commitment to provide high-impact and quality services.


Our commitment to clits opens borders and closes relationships, to continue providing services from their own countries; It’s for this reason that we have opened operations in the United States of America, where we have highly qualified personnel that will attend the different areas that we offer.


A Corporation is formed when its members file the pertinent information with the appropriate Secretary of State and pay a relatively low filing fee. The data provided, which is quite basic, becomes public domain.  



Under the US income tax laws, a corporation can be incorporated as a C or S corporation. The Corporations C must pay income tax at the corporate level on a national basis. If a corporation distributes dividends, either in cash or in kind, to its shareholders, those shareholders must also pay income tax.



An Corporation S does not pay taxes at the corporate level. Profits (and losses) are considered to "pass through" to shareholders, so they are the ones who must pay taxes on profits they make from the corporation whether or not they receive dividends from it. An Corporation S receives tax advantages only if it is registered in the United States and has 35 or fewer shareholders, none of whom may be a nonresident alien, another corporation, or, with some limitations, a trust. In addition, all shareholders must agree to form an Corporation S, and the entity cannot issue more than one class of shares.




Partnerships are similar to the Corporation S in that they are considered transmitters and are not subject to income tax at the partnership level, but rather the partners must pay income tax based on the income of the partnership. Each state has its own corporate statutes, generally based on uniform provisions, therefore there is great uniformity among states on this issue.



A general partnership results from the association of two or more persons or entities, in accordance with a contract, in order to jointly operate a business for mutual benefit. Each partner in a partnership is personally responsible for all debts and obligations of the partnership



A limited partnership results from the contractual association of one or more general partners and one or more partners with limited liability. General partners have the right and responsibility to run the business. In addition, they are personally responsible for the debts and obligations of the company. A Corporation usually participates as a general partner in establishing limited liability. Your liability is limited to your capital contributions. In addition to executing a partnership agreement, the formation of a limited partnership requires the filing of a limited partnership certificate in the state in which it is incorporated.




Most states recently authorized the formation of LLCs. Although higher expenses are incurred in its organization, the LLC is very flexible and can be used to limit the liability of the owners to the same extent as a corporation, while for tax purposes it operates almost like a limited partnership.

In the United States of America, a Notary Public is a person who certifies and attests to the authenticity of documents, takes depositions and affidavits, among other things. Notarial intervention increases confidence in legal documents and reduces fraud.


We have our own Public Notary to facilitate any transaction you wish to carry out.


Among the services provided, we offer:


Power of Attorney (POA).


Certification of Shareholders' Meetings.

Consent for minor travel.

Certification of documents for loans.





Declared jurisdictions.

We have a team of Certified Immigration Consultants who will be able to advise you on the processes and procedures for certain forms of immigration.




Full review of all visa types and categories.

Family petition processes.

Citizenship processes.

Work permits.

Waivers and permits to be re-admitted to the United States.

Humanitarian Parole.

We have a team of Financial Advisors duly Certified and Licensed in the State of Texas, members of the World System Builder (WSB) which is a community of financial professionals with the mission of providing the best financial education to people who want to learn the path to financial independence.


We offer different investment scenarios for family and business plans.