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Tourism and Real Estate

We are recognized for providing advice on different transactions related to tourism and real estate. Standing out in the specialty in purchases, sales, rentals, development of residential, corporate, condominium real estate projects in urban centers and in different places of tourist boom in the country.

Taking advantage of the synergy with another company in our group, we work on different projects with our own trust company called Central Trust, which facilitates the custody and administration of our clients' funds in those operations that are required, due to their complexity.


  1. Review, analysis and formalization of real estate transactions.
  2. Preparation of confidentiality agreements.
  3. Preparation of registry and cadastral investigations.
  4. We provide advice on development of real estate projects.
  5. Advice for the acquisition and/or sale of real estate under any modality.
  6. Legal and tax advice on urban matters.
  7. Advice for real estate administration in real estate and tourism development projects.
  8. Preparation of real estate contracts.
  9. Constitution of condominium regimes.
  10. Control, management and creation of the different types of trusts in the country.
  11. Preparation of Due Diligence (legal investigation of real estate) in cadastral, registry, municipal and governmental matters.
  12. Advice on lease agreements.
  13. Advice on control and reduction of risks that may affect real estate assets.
  14. Review, advice and preparation of real estate and tourism contracts; such as sales, sales promises, financing, leasing, usufruct.
  15. Advice on litigation and resolution of real estate conflicts.
  16. Procedures to obtain licenses for the development of real estate and/or construction projects.
  17. Formalization of Escrow for real estate projects.