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Labor law

Our legal team has extensive experience and training in providing comprehensive labor advice to each of our clients. We have specialized in matters of prevention and mitigation of occupational risks to the different economic sectors of the country.


  1. Preparation of audits and labor advice.
  2. Labor advice to identify different labor contingencies of companies.
  3. Review of labor contracting schemes and procedures.
  4. Preparation and review of different employment contracts for nationals and foreigners.
  5. Preparation and advice for the approval of Internal Work Regulations and Collective Agreements.
  6. Advice on the different internal procedures in order to prevent violence against women in companies.
  7. Advice and assistance in administrative and/or judicial labor processes.
  8. Advice on the liquidation or payment of social benefits for workers.
  9. Advice and obtaining licenses or work permits for companies and workers.