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About us

CALA Attorneys & Counselors at Law is a law firm with substantial growth and in permanent search for excellence and constant modernization to provide legal services of the highest quality, based on a close relationship of trust between our clients and lawyers with extreme confidentiality. and a high professionalism.

Our priority is the constant attention to our clients, providing answers, advising courses of action and informing about possible situations of conflict of interest.

Our permanent commitment is to provide all our clients with a personalized service of legal advice and corporate legal representation (national and international) in the commercial, financial, industrial, tourism, real estate development, telecommunications, energy and mining sectors, among others.

We are a reliable international firm that provides intelligent legal solutions in a personalized, responsible and professional manner to achieve the satisfaction of all our clients.

Be recognized worlwide as the best law firm, based on proactivity, trust and personalized service, ensuring effective solutions for all our clients. 

CALA Attorneys & Counselors at Law has a series of values that guide our professional actions on a daily basis:

1. Responsability.

2. Teamwork.

3. Excellence.

Another of the fundamental purposes of our firm has been to increase the commitment to inclusion by identifying and promoting female talent in labor matters, with our own clients and in general, with our community.

Our main purpose is to provide a collaborative environment in which professional opportunities are identified and pursued through workshops, events, work programs, including correlatively the women's sector, dedicated to developing professional and leadership opportunities for our lawyers and the rest of the staff. As a result of this business policy, currently more than fifty percent (50%) of our personnel belongs to the female sector, who have excelled in the main positions.

Our firm philosophy, we support the  LGBTQ+ Community in Nicaragua and the rest of the world. We strive to create and maintain an equitable, inclusive, and supportive environment where people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity feel valued and supported so that they can contribute and excel in today's society.

We actively support the LGBTQ+ Community, participating in job fairs and supporting external organizations. These efforts support our commitment to attract, retain and empower LGBTQ+ individuals and employees, as we recognize that promoting their diverse talents and perspectives benefits individuals and our organization as a whole.