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Energy and Natural Resources

Our legal and technical team has provided different advice related to energy and mining projects, provided support to national and foreign clients, linked to investments in the energy and mining sector; as well as the preparation and advice on programs related to environmental impact and mining.

We are specialists in providing advice in the mining, hydrocarbons, construction, energy, telecommunications, agricultural projects and renewable energy sectors.


  1. Due diligence (Due Diligence) for the acquisition and/or merger of companies in the energy and telecommunications sector.
  2. Creation of compliance programs for environmental regulations.
  3. Negotiations to obtain mining, oil and any other environmental concessions.
  4. Obtaining environmental permits and environmental impact.
  5. Advice for the exploitation of water resources and renewable energy.
  6. Advice on creation, merger and/or acquisition of companies.
  7. Environmental litigation.
  8. Preparation, review and advice on renewable energy agreements.
  9. Preparation of projects related to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Environmental Management Plans (PGA).
  10. Assignment of concession rights.