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Notary Law

Our Notarial Department is in charge of preparing all public deeds in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Nicaragua. We have lawyers with more than 20 years of certification, which gives them extensive professional experience, providing efficient advice to our clients.


  1. Preparation of deeds of incorporation, modification, correction, expansion and dissolution of commercial companies.
  2. Preparation of different types of public deeds for the performance, development, administration and government of commercial companies.
  3. Preparation of contracts in public deed.
  4. Preparation of special, very special, general and generalissimo powers.
  5. Preparation of public deeds of sale and rental of real estate and furniture.
  6. Preparation of public deeds of constitution of mortgage and pledges.
  7. Preparation of public deeds for the translation of any language into Spanish.
  8. Protocolization of agreements, minutes, declarations and different types of contracts.
  9. Any type of public deed that does not oppose the laws of Nicaragua.
  10. We have the innovative Mobile Notary service (Go Service), which locates our notaries public anywhere in the world for ease of appearing, simplifying procedures, time and unnecessary costs