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Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones Electrónicas (TIC)

Nuestro Departamento de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones Electrónicas (TIC) cuenta con un personal altamente calificado a cargo de uno de nuestros principales socios, quien se ha destacada en el sector durante más de 20 años. 


  1. Help and advice to operators in obtaining concessions, licenses and registration certificates for the deployment, operation of networks and provision of telecommunications services to the general public.
  2. Advice on the preparation of the adhesion contract model for the signing of end users.
  3. Advice on tariff regulation (AA 014-2015) with support in the current regulation.
  4. Monitoring of changes in the rules issued by the sectoral regulator, due to new laws that arise within the executive branch or due to judicial decisions that come from the judicial branch and that influence the operations of the electronic communications market.
  5. Advice on the reports that the regulatory body requires from the operators for the maintenance of concessions, licenses or records of records (authorizing titles).
  6. Advice on access to the different regulatory government entities of the sector that are necessary to consult about the review of any administrative act that affects the operations of an operator or operators at the national level.
  1. ontractual negotiations with wholesale providers (wholesale market) and telecommunications service providers.
  2. Advice on the preparation and/or review of international contracts for the sale of equipment in the telecommunications industry.
  3. Advice on the negotiation and/or review of contracts and commercial agreements for non-regulated services or value-added services.
  4. Advice on claims for contractual breaches.
  5. Negotiation and advice on resale conflicts (wholesale market) or provision of services.
  6. Advice for the fulfillment of the requirements in public bidding processes that are generated in accordance with Law 737 "Ley de Contrataciones Administrativas del Sector Público" its regulations and its associated norms.
  7. Advice on the review and/or preparation of distribution contracts for telecommunications services with third parties.
  8. Monitoring and control of obligations arising from distribution contracts with third parties.

Advice to new operators entering the electronic communications market seeking access to public or private infrastructure for the installation, maintenance and operation of their own telecommunications facilities and/or equipment for the provision of telecommunications services under the modalities established in the matter law. Example:

  1. Use of common land and public roads for the installation of infrastructures.
  2. Leasing of vertical structures owned by private parties.
  3. Rights of way.
  4. Rights of usufructs.
  5. Access to private property and/or buildings.
  6. Advice on the negotiation of access and interconnection contracts with third-party operators.
  7. Advice on the presentation of projects for the construction and expansion of telecommunications networks in order to obtain the relevant authorizations (Municipal Construction License).
  1. Advice on the review and application of Law 601 "Law for the Promotion of Competition" and its regulations on the telecommunications market.
  2. Analysis of conducts that can be classified as prohibited in terms of competition in the electronic communications market in Nicaragua.
  3. Analysis of behaviors that can be classified as unfair competition in terms of competition in the electronic communications market in Nicaragua.
  4. Analysis and application of the evaluation criteria to request the concentration of companies in the telecommunications sector and their corresponding authorization to the regulatory entity only in the cases in which they apply.
  1. Advice on the development of codes of conduct, contractual models, guidelines and compliance mechanisms that encourage electronic commerce.
  2. Advice on the preparation for the implementation of Law 729 "Electronic Signature Law" and its regulations.
  3. Help manufacturers of equipment that use the radio spectrum (RF) to accelerate their products to the markets, with advice and concise and practical regulatory compliance processes in the national and international spheres for the preparation of networks for the implementation of the Internet of IoT things.