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In CALA ATTORNEYS & COUNSELORS AT LAW we have distinguished ourselves for our substantial growth providing personalized attention to each of our clients, by offering real and integral solutions throughout our years of existence. We are providers of legal (CALA LAWYERS), accounting (CALA ACCOUNTING) and fiduciary (CENTRAL TRUST) services, which we provide through our different companies, positioning ourselves in Nicaragua as one of the leading firms and internationally recognized by different prestigious evaluators worldwide.

As members and unique representatives of Nicaragua in the Regional Alliance: LEGAL INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING (LEGIC), we are legal service providers for different high impact clients worldwide, which has allowed us to be investment facilitators, through the development of important strategies and projects.

It is thanks to our LEGIC alliance that we currently have offices in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, and Miami (US). We are a team formed by more than 50 lawyers, which consolidates us as recognized leaders in the region.

Loyal to our vision through pro-activity, trust and personalized services, we have opened a representative office in the City of Houston, Texas, United State of America. This is due to the constant need of our clients, who interact and for those who wish to interact in the large North American market, being Houston a city with a strong Hispanic presence and a growing economy diversified in high technology companies, energy, oil, real estate, scientific research and a wide range of professional services.

For more than a year we have been analyzing the Houston’s market, we trust that it is the right market for trade with Central America and an excellent gateway to the American market, because of the significant economic benefits and incentives offered by the State of Texas.

As part of our substantial growth, we are partners and the only Nicaraguan company member of the CHAMBER OF THE LATIN ENTREPRENEURS IN HOUSTON, which has been in existence for approximately 30 years and includes important Latin companies that have stood out worldwide.

The representation services we currently provide in our office in Houston, Texas, US, include corporate and investment issues, notarial services, apostille of legal documents, registration of trademarks and patents; registration of human and veterinary drugs, biologics, human and animal food, cosmetics, among others that must be regulated and registered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In addition, we have an immigration division to attend our clients' applications for any type of visa or immigration status, including residency, naturalization and especially Preferential Visas for investors, entrepreneurs, professionals or people with extraordinary aptitudes. If you desire to know more about this service, please visit our web page

We would like to highlight the trust deposited in our firm by each of our clients and partners in the region, which has been key to our substantial growth.

CALA GROUP – Houston’s Offices:

Address: Arena Tower Two, Suite # 203.

7324 Southwest Freeway 77074, Houston, Texas, USA.

Phone: +1(346) 265 8446


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly attend your request.